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Terms and Conditions

Kindly notice it is only the Player’s responsibility to frequently review our Stipulations so that you can ensure they are not unaware of any changes or alterations to Casino policy. The Casino reserves the right to change the Stipulations anytime, without giving prior notification. Should the Player continue to use the Casino software and services after an upgrade was made, this will make up Player’s approval of said changes.

General Rules

  • Club7 Casino services are provided by Cetrocon Software N.V., E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curaçao with company registration No.147338 with Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry. With Gaming license GLH-OCCHKTW0707012018, with Gaming Regulatory Authority of Curacao. And payment processed by Navo Soft Limited, Avlonos, 1,Maria House, 1075, Nicosia, Cyprus as per agreement between companies.
  • All applicants must be over 18 years of age and of legal capacity to place a bet/wager or register with Club7 Casino. Club7 Casino reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any customer and suspend their account until satisfactory documentation is provided. Club7 Casino takes its responsibilities in respect of under age and responsible gambling very seriously.
  • Upon signup, the Player must supply exact and complete info to the Casino. In the case that advice that is wrong is supplied, particularly info inhibiting contact between business and player, the Casino reserves the right to close the Player’s account or invalidate all and any winnings.
  • Info supplied during the enrollment to any promotion, sign up procedure or during the download of the Casino will be kept in the strictest secrecy. On the other hand, occasional notices may be received by the Player in the Casino and its partners. The Player may request to unsubscribe anytime.
  • It is entirely the Player’s duty to pay for any applicable taxes or deductions on any winnings that he/she may receive in the Casino.
  • Affecting the result of game results, the Player agrees to accept all outcomes as received in the Casino’s game server in the client program. Also, the Player consents the Casino’s random number generator software will determine the results of the matches and fully accepts.
  • In regards to any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of: (i) the Player’s entry, use, or reuse of the Web site, (ii) the Player’s use of any materials at the Web site, (iii) the Player’s entry, use, or reuse of the Casino’s server, (iv) the Player’s participation in the Game, or, (v) the Player’s acceptance of any prize. the Player hereby agrees to hold the Company, its employees, officials, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers harmless and shall fully indemnify same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as an effect of his or her contribution in Casino services.
  • Based on your country of residence, limitations apply to playing at the casino, using bonuses, redemption of chips that are free or deposits via credit card. We keep the right to lift these restrictions on an individual basis. Carefully go through the constraints that will apply.
  • It is possible to contact us in order to appeal for any country established restriction(s). The casino shall assess your account and make the ultimate call based in your case.
  • Before a cashout (i.e., withdrawal of winnings) can be processed, the Player must provide photo ID and proof of address for the purpose of confirmation. The Casino reserves the right to request additional info so that you can validate accounts.
  • Should the Player elect to deposit into their account using a credit card, please be aware the Casino needs an authority form as well as a front copy of the credit card.
  • customers please be aware Players from banned countries will not be entertained in any manner.
  • Some of our central processing units pre- process the transactions and approve trades in a batch procedure after. If your trade occurs to be dropped of it being processed at that time, and if there are winnings generated from your own pre-approved deposit, winnings from that trade will end up null.
  • Viewing a Player’s legal right to play in the Casino, neither the Casino nor the Casino’s employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents or retailers offer any representation of warranty, whether implied or explicit. Moreover, neither the Casino nor the previously listed parties claim or been seen to maintain authority to make such representations or guarantees.
  • As the Casino supports responsible gaming, Players may request at any time to be excluded from our applications.
  • If you are an officer, director, employee, consultant or agent of Company or one of its subsidiary, parent or associated companies, or suppliers or vendors, you are not permitted to register for an account with Company or to use directly or indirectly any of the Services, other than in the course of your function as an Company staff member
  • The Casino reserves the right to close any account at any time due should the Casino decide the Player has committed mistreatment that is promotion or deceptive action.
  • The Casino reserves the right to discontinue or to add any games or services within the Casino without giving any prior notice to its Players.
  • It is exclusively the Player’s duty to ensure that his/her account number and password are kept secure and confidential. The Player hereby consents to ensure that no other individual or third party including, without limitation, any minor, will use their account, access and use any materials or information from the Web site, accept any Prize, or participate in the Games. Also, the Player is completely responsible for any purchases and/or losses that could happen on his/her account.
  • Viewing withdrawal procedures, the Casino reserves the right to process any withdrawals from Casino accounts via the system(s) used to finance the account wherever possible; in the function of a withdrawal delay the Casino can look to find the best available technique so that you can process the withdrawal.
  • In the function of any dispute, all decisions made by the Casino are final. Should a Player wish to submit a grievance, they may use Principal Dispute System (CDS). CDS is a 3rd party dispute system established by Betsoft to settle player disputes.
  • In case the Casino considers a Player to be a professional, the Casino reserves the right to block the account. Also, the Casino reserves the right to invalidate all and any winnings and return the deposit.
  • In regards to all financial account transactions, the Player agrees the Casino or a payment processing firm on the Casino’s benefit will handle all requests ("Payment Processor"). The Player further agrees the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payments should the Payment Processor have reason to believe or any suspicion the Player may be participating in or have participated in fraudulent, collusion, unlawful, or improper action.
  • Due to a players paid or processed to 3rd party processing constraints or policies, the withdrawal amount can vary on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Due to restrictions imposed by third party payment processors, sometimes, your withdrawal may be split into multiple payments, each with another acceptance time.
  • The Player further agrees never to contest any charges or deposits make any chargebacks, cancel, renounce or otherwise reverse any of their due payments. In the instance of this occasion, compensate and the Player hereby consents to refund the Casino for such outstanding payments, including any expenses incurred by the Casino in the procedure for gathering said payment.
  • The Casino reserves the right to require that further documentation is provided by a Player in the case in order to complete the verification process where the Casino isn’t able to check the Player’s documents and identity completely.
  • The Casino reserves the right to deny or withhold winnings or a bonus in the function of funds refused or being cancelled by any payment service.
  • An authorized "Supervisor Withdrawal" represents some of your balance that has been removed because it wasn’t entitled to withdrawal. This sum could be Bonus funds (which are non-cashable) or because you’ve exceeded the Maximum Withdrawal Amount in your last bonus, with surplus funds removed.
  • The Casino reserves the right to disqualify winnings in case the following events happen:
    • More than one active account at the Casino (unless given prior approval by direction);
    • A mismatch between the name on the Player’s Casino account and the name on the credit card(s) used to deposit into the account;
    • If exactly the same payment system is used by different individuals (e.g. - Two players using the same eWalletXpress account);
    • Wrong or registration information that is false;
    • If the Player has allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) another person to use their own Casino account;
    • If a Player is established to use an expert gaming and gaming layout (i.e. Using even wager layout whilst betting on Roulette games);
    • If the Player has intentionally "charged back" (contested charges for) any of the cash deposited into their Casino account or any of our sister casinos;
    • In the event that the Player is found to be cheating, or the Player has used a system (i.e. machines, computers, applications or any other type of automation) - Players will be reimbursed all their deposits and accounts will be forever shut.
    • Any winnings that have been brought in as an outcome of game mistake or system malfunction will be null.
    • Player that own multiple account, the winnings will be held, and account will be banned and close immediately , No deposit refund will be done!
  • Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete this transaction.
  • Cardholder's responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in his or her country of domicile.
  • Participation of minors in offered on this website activities is prohibited.
  • If any player is found to be using profanity,abusive,vulgar or filthy language, uncouth-ed and boorish demeanor in their communication through any of the modes - be it chat, email, ticket or call, their account will be blocked with immediate effect with out any further intimation.

Promotion Rules

  • Unless otherwise defined by the Club7 Casino; all promotional bonuses are NON CASHABLE. Help create winnings and bonus cash functions to improve play but cannot be taken within the winnings. The bonus is not going to be returned to the account but deducted from winnings. From the overall sum of monies out, all bonus money will be removed at the point of cash.
  • so that you can claim a bonus, it must be redeemed by the Player before putting any wagers with their down payment. It’s the Player’s responsibility to contact Customer Support for help with redeeming said bonus if the bonus will not redeem for any reason. Once the Player starts wagering the down payment, he or she forfeits their right.
  • Unless approved by direction, Players cannot redeem additional coupons or promotional offers if they have a balance or pending cashout. Coupons or promotional offers cannot be united. If at any time this should occur, winnings will be void.
  • In case a Player uses coupon or a promotional offer that he/she isn’t eligible for use, all and any winnings created from that promotion are forfeited and the initial deposit is returned to the Player.
  • Unless otherwise stated, playing on the matches that were limited while on a bonus after conclusion of a bonuses wagering requirements, will invalidate all winnings created while using said bonus.
  • In the situations where a promotion or a free incentive is open to be used on different games, the maximum wagering condition (out of the games which were played), will be used so that you can fulfill the wagering requirements before cashing out.
  • If a player makes a deposit and does not take any bonus on the same, then by default, the wagering requirement to cash out that deposit will be 10 times the deposit amount (10 x deposit amount).
  • For example, let's say, a player makes a deposit of 200 Euros and claims no bonus on this deposit, then by default, the wagering requirement to cash out the 200 Euros will be 200 x 10 = 2000 Euros.

No Deposit Bonuses (Free Chips, Free Spins, Free Roll Slot Tournaments)

  • Free spins and other free bonuses made in a gesture of goodwill from Club7 Casino have a wagering requirement of 50 times the bonus amount. On free spins this will be calculated from the winnings of the free spins you’ve played. Example 100% bonus, we need to wagered 50 times, ( place bets equals €5,000 ) before requesting a withdrawal.
  • Once you have met the No Deposit Bonuses Wager Requirements and are able to make a withdrawal, any amount that is over the Maximum Withdrawal Limit will be removed from your balance, as you will not be able to withdraw these funds.
  • While mixing deposits and a free bonus is not allowed, we are aware that this may happen from time to time. If, for whatever reason, you make a deposit while using a No Deposit Bonus (e.g. Free Chip, Free Spins offer, etc.), the wagering requirements and maximum allowed cash-out of the no deposit bonus will still apply. Once you have completed your play with the no deposit bonus, whether by requesting a withdrawal (with any excess winnings above the maximum allowed cash-out being removed) we will credit the amount of your deposit back into your casino account along with whatever deposit bonus you would like.
  • If you use any bonus to accumulate a feature guarantee(s), or extra bonus rounds, and use a subsequent deposit and or bonus to redeem built-up feature bonus rounds, the winnings coming from said bonus round(s) shall void all or any winnings. No deposits will be refunded.
  • No Deposit Bonuses and “No Play No Max” Bonus Rules.
  • Players with disposable email addresses are not eligible for any free spins without deposit. If a player despite this would receive free spins without a deposit being made, all winnings from the spins will be confiscated.

All Deposit Bonuses: Standard Wagering Requirements

  • Withdrawal can be requested on deposits, before that 40x turnover required on deposit amount.
  • For example, when you make a deposit of 50 Euros and get 200% bonus on the same, your bonus amount will be 100 Euros. Your wagering calculation will be 40 x [ deposit + bonus ] = 40 x [ 50 + 100 ] Euros = 40x150 Euros = 6000 Euros.
  • It’s the exclusive responsibility of the Player to ensure that any relevant Playthrough conditions are satisfied before requesting a withdrawal by contacting Customer Support, If a Player has decided to use a plus or promotion. Failure to satisfy with the play through requirements can lead to the withdrawal request being refused.
  • All Deposit Bonuses for Slots and Keno with No Limitations (No Playthrough and No Max Cash Out) come with our applications minimum of 2X Playthough (deposit bonus sum) before the funds become withdrawable. After end of the play through, playing anything other than Bingo, Keno, Slots or Scrape Card games will invalidate all and any winnings. Unless expressly stated otherwise, bonus sum is consistently considered non-cashable and will be taken off the quantity of your withdrawal request.
  • At the time of cashing out, the bonus cash will be taken off the entire withdrawal amount (Example i.e. - should a Player redeem a €250 bonus and remove €500, he/she’ll receive €250.)
  • Should a Player have a pending withdrawal request, they request or may not redeem comp points, free processors or cashbacks. Also, during this period of time a player cannot collect said promotions after the withdrawal request is approved nor request them.
  • The Club7 Casino reserves the right to alter or cancel a promotional offer anytime without giving earlier notice to Players.
  • A withdrawal that is canceled is not going to count toward any kind of bonus unless management approves the payout and redeposits it into the Player’s account with the Player’s permission. Comp points cannot be gathered on a cancelled withdrawal that’s been redeposited into a Player’s account.
  • In case a Player exceeds the maximum cash out on a coupon, these monies will be removed whether or not the withdrawal was processed. This excess money may not be used in combination with another promotional offer or as a way to build free comp points up.
  • All promotions are recorded in Eastern Standard Time (North America), UTC 5 hours. Please take this in to account when claiming your bonuses.
  • Live Dealer games are only able to be played using resources from your player’s Withdrawable Balance. No Deposit Bonuses and bonuses cannot be used to play with Live Dealer games.
  • If one of family, or the accounts in your home has a bonus limitation the identical limitations apply to another account.
  • If they never have deposited # Players from particular nations may not cash out of free processor offers. These players may partake of said processors that are free for entertainment purposes only. Please view the whole list here to make see whether your state is recorded.
  • Unless earlier arrangement is especially given by the Casino direction, welcome bonuses are restricted to one promotion per Player, per family, per address, per computer.
  • The Player may not redeem multiple no-deposit bonuses. Free processor offers are meant merely for our regular faithful players and you should have an active depositing account unless otherwise stated in order to cash out on a free chip offer. Should a Player redeem one no -deposit bonus and then be subsequently offered another one, the Player must make a real money deposit for the Player into their account in the interim in order to be eligible to redeem the second no-deposit bonus.
  • Casino management reserves the right reject or to cancel any promotional offer anytime.
  • In case a Player redeems a no-deposit promotional offer that he or she is not entitled to, any winnings generated from that promotion will be voided.
  • Due to smaller amounts and processing fees, any initial withdrawal request resulting from winnings generated off a no-deposit bonus is only going to be paid via on-line electronic payment processes i.e. the subsequent withdrawal methods: Neteller and Moneybookers.
  • The Player has the right to just one free processor between deposits; any winnings caused by multiple free processors will be null. For instance, should two free processors be redeemed by a Player in a row, they is not going to have the capacity to get any winnings by playing on said processor created.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the max cash out for all no-deposit bonuses don’t surpass 2 times the sum value of the bonus redeemed. All free chips valued at or below €100 will have a cashout limitation of no longer than, nor less than, €100.
  • The Player’s account balance must be €5.00 or less in order to maintain any promotion other than a deposit bonus.
  • The Player must maintain said promotions instantly after he/she’s lost their balance; insurance and CashBack promotions may not be collected.
  • If the player plays any games distinct than the games that are permitted as indicated on the coupon, winnings will be null.
  • Should funds are won by a Player higher compared to max cashout sum, these surplus funds will be removed upon withdrawal. No additional sum will be paid.
  • In case a Player’s withdrawals are lower in relation to the sum in their life deposits, they are going to have the right to use our “No Play No Max” promotion.
  • The following games do not count towards completing any wagering requirement: Roulette (all types) and Poker.
  • Unless otherwise stated, No Play/ No Max bonuses may only be used to play Other games, and Slots. All other casino games restricted and are prohibited. Playing a forbidden or limited game while using a No Play No Max bonus will void any winning generated as a resulting from the usage of a No Play No Max plus. These terms are valid and appropriate even after the play through condition was met.
  • If a player has finished the play through condition and has used a No Play No Max bonus but continues to play a restricted or prohibited game, this will bring about their winnings being invalidated. The rules of the bonus will continue to use even after the play through requirement has been fulfiled.
  • All No Deposit Bonuses are subject to the Wager Conditions and Maximum Withdrawal Limits recorded above.
  • After you have satisfied with the Wager Conditions and can make a withdrawal, any number which is over the Maximum Withdrawal Limitation will be taken off your balance, as you Won’t have the ability to get these funds.
  • While blending deposits and a free bonus isn’t enabled, we are not unaware this may happen from time to time. If, for whatever motive, you make a deposit while using a No Deposit Bonus(e.g. Free Processor, Free Spins offer, etc.), the wagering requirements and maximum allowed cash-out of the no deposit bonus will still use. Once you have completed your play with the no deposit bonus, whether by requesting a withdrawal (with any surplus winnings above the maximum permitted cash out being removed) or by your total equilibrium achieving below €1, we are going to credit the amount of your deposit back into your casino account along with whatever deposit bonus you would like.
  • If you use any bonus to collect a characteristic guarantee(s), or additional bonus rounds, and use a following deposit and or bonus to redeem built up attribute bonus rounds, the winnings coming from said bonus round(s) shall invalidate all or any winnings. No deposits will be refunded
  • All Deposits: Standard Wagering Requirements
  • Any player who makes a deposit and claims a bonus on the same will have to wager 40 x [deposit + bonus] amount and the max cash out will be 10 x (deposit) amount
  • If a player doesn’t claim a bonus on a deposit, then the max cash out for that deposit will be 10 x deposit and the wagering will be 10 x deposit.
  • Once a player has made a deposit, it is the sole responsibility of the Player to ensure that any applicable Play through requirements are met before requesting a withdrawal. Failure to meet the play through requirements will result in the withdrawal request being denied.

Processing Fees and Limitations

  • Withdrawals processing fees may be incurred up to €50 or more as per the payment processor, processing bank and also the withdrawal amount
  • Checks must be deposited to your bank account rather than cashed.
  • Checks may not be endorsed to a third party.
  • Under no circumstances should you mention the checks are related to on-line gaming.

Important Information about Check Payments

  • When you receive a payment by check, you must deposit said check within 30 days of issue to your financial institution. Any delay could result in the check no longer being valid. In this event the company isn’t responsible and a reissue of the check payment will not be made.
  • Checks must be deposited to your bank account rather than cashed.
  • Checks may not be endorsed to a third party.
  • Under no circumstances should you mention the checks are related to on-line gaming.
  • If any of the preceding conditions affecting checks are not met, the company is not going to be held liable; check payments is not going to be reissued.

Important Information about Withdrawal Approvals

  • Any player who makes a real money deposit on the site will have to wait for a stipulated period of 48 business hours before requesting for any withdrawal.
  • All withdrawal requests must be reviewed and approved by the casino before being sent for payment. The casino offers Express and Regular Acceptance for withdrawals.
  • Express Acceptance: Players who make a withdrawal of €200 or less or tend not to use any match bonus, or who use a match bonuses valued at 100% or less (as their last bonus before requesting a withdrawal) will qualify for Express Acceptance. Express Acceptance means a withdrawal request will be reviewed, approved, or refused within 3 business days of the request. If the last bonus before requesting a withdrawal used is greater than 100%, or the withdrawal sum is greater than €200,Regular Acceptance rules will apply. Winnings from a No Deposit Bonus are ineligible for Express Withdrawal.
  • Your payment will be made after acceptance, Express or Standard within 10 business days.
  • Please bear in mind since this is an international transaction, your bank or other banks involved may charge processing fees and added money conversion.
  • Credit Card Slamming and Stolen cards: If any player reflects card slamming trends, our fraud analysis team might ask for SSN number on case to case bases for it for the safety of the account

Marketing Communications

  • Your privacy is very important to us. You may choose to unsubscribe from advertising communications, including phone calls or e-mail, text messages anytime. Please be aware you will receive all messages that are transactional associated with your account if you unsubscribe from advertising communications. We don’t send nor condone the sending. If you believe you’re receiving unsolicited e-mail from our firm, please report this to or you can reach us on Toll Free No. +44-808-101-2174

Violation of the Terms and Conditions

  • We hold the right (in our sole prudence) to deny to enroll you as well as to suspend or potentially end your Account whenever and additionally to reject to acknowledge any bet or exchange in regard of or regarding your utilization of the Website as well as the Games. We will not be obliged to furnish you with any explanations behind so doing and will not be at risk to you at all for any misfortune or harms that may result from any such activity.
  • We maintain all authority to retain rewards and void bets if there is any glitch of the Website or if there is any control of the Games or our monetary framework or doubt or proof thereof or a break or associated violation with any pertinent law, guideline or any of these Terms and Conditions, for each situation without giving any reason.
  • Utilization of any record generally than as per these Terms and Conditions or some other maltreatment by player with client bolster group or of any record is carefully denied, and player record will be shut without advising player.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to pull back your utilization of any of the Website as well as the Games whenever, subject to satisfaction of any exceptional duties under these Terms and Conditions.
  • Our choice on all issues will be conclusive and authoritative and no further correspondence will be gone into.

Constraint of Liability

  • You get to the Service and take part in the recreations at your own hazard. Cetrocon will not be subject for any endeavors by you to utilize the Service by techniques, means or ways not proposed by Cetrocon. The Service and the Games are given all due sensible aptitude and care and significantly as depicted in these Terms and Conditions. Cetrocon does not make some other guarantees or guarantees in regards to the Service or the items offered by means of the Service, which are given with no guarantees at all, regardless of whether express or inferred.
  • Cetrocon and its auxiliaries, offshoots, officers, executives, workers and operators will not be at risk to you in contract, tort (counting without confinement carelessness) or generally for sort of misfortune or harm that you or an outsider may cause including without constraint any of the accompanying:
  • (a) Any roundabout, unique, coincidental, weighty loss of harms whether excellent or reformatory;
  • (b) Any loss of pay;
  • (c) Any loss of benefits;
  • (d) Any loss of altruism;
  • (e) Any loss of information;
  • (f) Any loss of agreements;
  • (g) Any loss of utilization of cash;
  • (h) any misfortune or harms emerging from or associated in any capacity to business intrusion; and, regarding the site in any capacity or regarding the utilization, failure to utilize or the consequences of utilization of the site, any sites connected to the site or the material on such sites, including however not restricted to misfortune or harm due to infections that may taint your PC hardware, programming, information or other property by virtue of your entrance to, utilization of, or perusing the site or the downloading of any material by you from the site or any sites connected to the site.
  • Our greatest obligation to you emerging out of the Terms of Use, regardless of whether for violation of agreement, tort (counting carelessness), or generally will be restricted to the measure of the wager from which the risk being referred to has emerged.
  • Subject to these Terms and Conditions, nothing in this Agreement will avoid our obligation which we may have in regard of any entireties legitimately owed to you. Besides, nothing in these Terms and Conditions will avoid or restrain Cetrocon's obligation for death or individual damage coming about because of Cetrocon's carelessness or any risk to the degree the equivalent may not be barred or constrained as an issue of law.

Extortion, Cheating, Collusion and Criminal Activities

  • Cetrocon maintain whatever authority is needed to suspend your Account, and retain both the money and reward parity of your Account, until it very well may be completely fulfilled of legitimacy if:
  • (a) You are observed or suspected to take an interest in any type of plot or deceitful practice;
  • (b) We become mindful that you have invalidly mentioned a charge-back or have precluded any from claiming the exchanges made on your Account; in which case Cetrocon may turn around mentioned stores or off set the record parity to address charge back expenses.
  • (c) You become bankrupt or have proportionate procedures happening anyplace on the planet; or
  • (d) You have more than one record at any one time, on any individual Cetrocon gambling club or:
  • (e) You are utilizing our product as well as framework in a way which we consider wrong; or
  • (f) You are observed to be in break of some other terms of these Terms and Conditions.
  • On the off chance that we become mindful or suspect that an exchange is suspicious and includes or may include money related wrongdoing or comparable movement then we will hold the measure of that exchange and some other exchange made by you pending our examinations. What's more, we maintain all authority to hold any subsidizes identified with that action and the equalization on the records being referred to. As a component of our monetary, suspicious action and AML necessities, we will be under no commitment to give you any purposes behind these activities. On the off chance that the action and exchanges are cleared of any doubts every held store will be made accessible to you.
  • Where we presume that you are taking an interest in any type of arrangement, fake practice or tax evasion exercises, we maintain whatever authority is needed to report such movement or doubts to the controllers, the police, applicable specialists, other internet gaming or betting administrators, other online specialist organizations and banks, MasterCard organizations, electronic installment suppliers or other money related establishments including subtleties of your personality and you consent to participate completely with us to research any such action.

©2018 Club7 Casino. All rights reserved.

Note: Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Curacao and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Curacao.

Underage Gambling

You must be over the age of 18 or be the minimum age for gambling in your country of residence in order to register an account with us.

It is an offence for anyone under the age of 18 or the minimum age for gambling to attempt to place a bet or to register an account to attempt to place a bet.

We take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously and have sophisticated processes and software in place, which are used to carry out electronic age verification checks on all customers. We may also ask for additional support documentation such as a copy of Your passport and/or driving licence.

In the event that Cetrocon discovers You are under 18 years of age or under the legal age for gambling of the country in which you are resident, any deposited funds will be returned to you and no winnings will be paid out. Cetrocon will also report such attempts or activities to the Curacao Gambling Commissioner, who may refer the matter to your local prosecution authorities, parents, legal guardians or appropriate legal authorities.

Parental Controls

There are a number of third party applications that parents or guardians can use to monitor or restrict the use of their device's access to the Internet:

  1. Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content:
  2. CYBERsitter filtering software allows parents to add their own sites to block:
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